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A leading global food CPG company, had reached a point of stagnation in consumer engagement and digital media performance for its popular frozen food brands. The company was experiencing difficulties in correlating sales impact to their media investments. A discernible frustration was stemming from their agency’s inability to form this connection, thereby creating a significant business challenge. The primary issue was a need for improved consumer targeting, more disciplined digital media strategies, and a method to quantify the effect of their digital media investments on sales.


Our mission focused on refining the CPG brands media deployment strategies and developing a data-driven approach to boost sales through digital media. By conducting an in-depth audit of the company’s metrics and understanding the link between digital engagement and in-store sales, we aimed to optimize targeting and reach potential consumers interested in Asian frozen foods.


Our tailored digital strategy for the the two brands resulted in a substantial sales uplift, with Brand 1 growing by 30% and Brand 2 achieving the top sales spot in its category. This transformation not only revolutionized the brands’ performance but also reshaped the company’s perspective on its customer base and digital marketing approach.


Strategic synergy: harnessing data, refining attribution, and uncovering insights to optimize campaign impact and drive true business value

Our mission was twofold. Firstly, we aimed to identify and bridge the gaps in the current media deployment strategies of the brand. Secondly, we aspired to devise a more intelligent, purpose-driven strategy that could effectively activate digital media and thereby fulfill the brands’ sales goals.

The route to achieve this mission involved a deep-dive forensic audit into the company’s business metrics. By tapping into all available data sources and analytics, we could correct any inaccuracies in their reporting and optimize their overall approach. It was clear that a new segmentation was required to identify potential consumers with a predisposition for Asian frozen foods in key markets. Furthermore, understanding and leveraging the relationship between digital engagement and in-store sales became pivotal to our mission.


Cumulative Sales Lift

The implementation of our strategy led to a substantial uplift in sales, achieving 50% more than the original goal and surpassing competitor levels. The overall sales levels for the brands doubled from what was recorded under the previous agency. Within 18 months, the brands’ market equity and the company’s overall valuation underwent a significant transformation. Specifically, Brand 1 saw a growth of over 30% in 12 months, adding $59M to average annual sales with a repeat purchase rate of 38%. Brand 2 reached the #1 sales spot in the category, tripled purchases, and enjoyed a 35%+ repeat purchase rate. These impressive results illustrate the profound impact of the tailored and disciplined digital strategy on both consumer engagement and sales performance. In the end, we managed not only to turn around the performance of these brands but also to transform the company’s understanding of its customer base and digital marketing strategy.

An Aligned Partnership

This experience is the pinnacle highlight of the impact that having the right team with the right motivations can do for a client.

This client had well established relationships with what were supposed to be some of the best agencies in the world, but because the relationship was build on a misalignment of goals and the people who were supposed to be looking out for the business were instead focused soley on the media and what looked good on paper, they missed out on many great opportunities that the digital space could offer them.

The introduction of a partner who was capable and motivated to drive the right results transformed the entire impact of their digital budgets and provided and injection into their stagnate growth. This shift in approach provided the platform to grow budgets and the brand and resulted in other brands within the portfolio to seek out similar campaign efforts.

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