Project Overview

  • Capabilities
  • Business Assessment
  • Performance Readiness
  • Media Design
  • Technology Consulting
  • Marketing & Data Audit
  • Attribution Assessment
  • Media Reporting
  • Measurement Studies
  • Data & Analytics Design
  • Programmatic Display
  • Connected TV
  • Paid Social


A major fitness conglomerate, encompassing three unique gym brands, faced the challenge of marketing their entities throughout the US and Canada without overlooking any venue. Among these brands, one boasted a vast network and a renowned reputation, another was a budding, more affordable alternative transitioning from the former, and the third was a regional entity specific to a notable metropolitan area. Their primary goal was to increase the number of ‘paying guest passes’ across all brands and locations.


Drive sustainable growth by leveraging the full potential of Facebook, Google, and programmatic advertising channels, utilizing advanced targeting, data-driven insights, and creative ad strategies to maximize brand exposure, customer acquisition, and return on ad spend (ROAS), while delivering a personalized and engaging experience for their target audience.


By analyzing the user journey, we identified a lag between guest pass signups and membership conversions. This insight led us to implement a diversified strategy aimed at improving conversions. This approach not only boosted ROI and offline conversions, as evidenced by a 50% increase in foot traffic, but also successfully countered a subsequent downturn in momentum in the following year.


A Comprehensive Funnel Approach

Our full funnel approach included Linear TV advertising in key markets to drive upper funnel awareness paired with national digital advertising. We then evaluated the exposed audiences from those TV markets and retargeted individuals that were reached by TV, and added additional digital advertising layers including programmatic and social to target individuals that had not been exposed to TV advertising.


Synergistic Success

By combining TV and digital media, we amplified campaign impact and expanded reach to 1.5 Million new visitors.

  • Digital media drove a 9.75% lift on its own across the national footprint
  • TV and digital combined drove an 18.11% behavioral lift
  • Campaign achieved 73% reach to new customers, accounting for 1.5MM exposed visits

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