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A prominent electronics company specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling an extensive range of consumer products. Their offerings encompass television sets, mobile phones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and various small electrical appliances.


Devise and execute a tailored go-to-market plan that strategically targets niche audiences, prioritizes digital channels, and leverages timely promotions to generate maximum impact for mobile device launch. We aim to create market awareness, drive user engagement, and measure campaign effectiveness, all while maintaining an always-on brand presence and capitalizing on key opportunities throughout the year. By harnessing the power of data-driven optimization and activation, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver lasting success for mobile device company.


We achieved success by crafting a customized go-to-market plan focused on niche audiences, digital dominance, and timely promotions for maximum impact.


Crafting a customized go-to-market plan centered on niche audiences, digital dominance, and timely promotions for maximum impact

We built a go-to-market plan built around targeted reach to focus on owners of older devices, avoiding direct competition and zeroing in on younger Male tech savvy consumers as a  core audience. We leveraged high tech & gaming environments and built presence in technology focused environments. We also established strong targeting with price conscious consumers and used purchase behaviors to find consumers who were more open to  new brand choices. Lastly we leveraged existing awareness among TV’s to find brand trialists already comfortable with the brand for other electronics.

With the existing budget, we focused 100% of our paid media dollars towards digital.

A key focus of our campaign was to create market awareness amongst targeted users; where we could measure campaign exposure to intent-based actions online (Get Notified / Where To Buy) or visits in-store.

Our plans were structured around maintaining an Always On brand  presence and key periods like the device launch in May/June, Prime  Day, Black Friday / Cyber Monday as well as Holidays.


Surpassing expectations with robust initial response and sustained success through data-driven optimization and activation

We saw an extremely strong response to the device launch campaign  out of the gate, and maintained solid momentum post-launch through  the remainder of Q2 and into Q3.

Based on optimization and data utilization we greatly exceeded the  results we estimated in the media plan by delivering additional activation with the existing media investment.

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