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  • Business Assessment
  • Performance Readiness
  • Media Design
  • Marketing & Data Audit
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  • Programmatic Display
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  • Paid Social
  • Digital Design
  • Copywriting


An emerging athletic shoe brand that saw tremendous growth early on from exposure through Oprah, celebrities, and key retail partnerships. Having only invested in small campaigns, they realized their upper funnel and organic growth was flat and in need of a growth strategy and plan.


Accelerate growth by leveraging data-driven, highly-targeted, and innovative performance advertising strategies across Facebook, Google, and programmatic channels, with the goal of increasing upper-funnel awareness, driving customer acquisition, and maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).


Tremendous seasonal sales growth and a strong halo effect.


Data-driven brilliance: comprehensive financial analysis, multi-touch strategy, and creative excellence drive sales growth and strengthen brand presence.

We conducted a deep dive into their financial data to create models  and benchmarks to determine the proper investment levels, while simultaneously consulting on a complete data structure to collect customer data through to purchase, including multi touch attribution in  order to tie back our marketing efforts to true revenue growth.

As a way to structure the campaign to reach the best customers, we modeled their existing brand footprint to develop strategies focused on high awareness market and convert quickly, combined with lower awareness markets to establish the brand to provide a future upper funnel outlet as a foundation of long-term growth. All of this combined to deliver tremendous sales growth during the key holiday period while also establishing a strong halo effect for the brand leading out of the holiday period.

In order to account for all channels in market, a multi-touch strategy was put into place giving full insight into every component that played a role in every conversion journey, helping us understand marketing impact, user journey, choke points, and ultimately unveiling key opportunities to further influence the sales cycle.

Being a high growth, premium brand, image was a critical component to maintain, with this in mind, we consulted heavily in the creative execution for this first paid effort, resulting in strong message testing and dynamic creative to deliver the brand in market both effectively as well as in a beautiful “on brand” style.


Financially focused campaign strategy

We pitched our strategy based on financial metrics and strategic growth tied to ROI and revenue generation. The brand saw 3.5x total revenue growth YoY adding more than $2 million at a 4.5x ROAS with  multiple record setting sales days within the campaign window. This growth was the equivalent of all revenue generated in the previous 9 months combined.

YoY E-Commerce Weekly Overview

* Campaign was rolled back between December and January due to product being sold out, as warehouses could not keep up with the demand.

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