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We are Vuja Dé Digital:

  • Built because clients deserve more.
  • Tailored to your unique needs.
  • Fueled by virtuoso performance media.
  • Obsessed with finding the better way.
What makes us different

Vision & Innovation

We leverage state-of-the-art tech
tools with a creative twist to work at
lightning speed and achieve real
performance media excellence.

Obsessive Focus

We work with a limited selection of
client partners, enabling us to
discover the ingredients that drive
business success and brand vitality. 

Made-For-You Business Model

We shape our compensation model
to align our team as an extension of
yours. No tracking hours — just
tangible, measurable results.

Visualize your road to success.

Every challenge has a unique solution. We leverage strategy, data, media, creative, and tech to ensure your brand is performance-ready.


Business Consulting, Performance Readiness, Media Design,
Technology Consulting, eCommerce

Explore Strategy
Put data to work where it matters.

From front-end to back-end analytics, we perform comprehensive
research to fully understand your mix of marketing technology.


Marketing & Data Audit, Attribution Assessment, Media Reporting,
Measurement Studies, Data & Analytics Design

Explore Insights
Unleash your influence.

Exceptional performance pairs insights with optimized media design
to exceed business goals and activate effective brand behavior.


Programmatic Display, Connected TV, Amazon, Paid Search, SEO,
Paid Social, Organic

Explore Performance
Resonate with your audience.

Our in-house creative team works closely with a network of
collaborators, leading us to fresh thinking and airtight execution.


Branding, User Experience, Digital Design, Copywriting,

Web Development

Explore Creative
What our partners are saying

Partnering with Vuja De provides a consistent and long-tenured team of owner/leadership, channel experts and a culture of proactive thought and engagement. It is a treat for my phone to ring on a Friday afternoon and hear an agency co-founder begin speaking with "So I’ve been thinking about your business, and..."

Chad T.
Sr Director, Growth Marketing, CooperSurgical

“Id like to congratulate this team for having the lowest CPA in Exer history!”

Liz A.
Chief Brand Officer, Exer Urgent Care

“Willingness to go above and beyond to support marketing efforts and go outside of the items you normally do - I really appreciated this.”

Sebhia D.
Global Marketing, Interactive Brokers
Our clients

Partnerships are what we do best

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Vuja Dé Vault

How We Think

Explore the Vuja Dé Vault: Thought leadership from our experts about industry news business trends and beyond.

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Have You Experienced a Vuja Dé Moment?

We recently updated our external branding, but we assure you the Vuja Dé Digital promise and premise is still the same. It is by no mistake that our brand is Vuja Dé. The literal definition...

By Todd Juneau
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It’s About More Than Just the Money

When we started our agency, we knew that we were going to be going against the grain. Traditional pricing models for advertising, media buying, and marketing support had been around since the beginning of media...

By Todd Juneau
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How to Use Data to Prove the Real Value of a Campaign

Very few, if any consumers, click on the first ad they see and buy. Conversely, the last ad they click on and buy from is rarely the only ad that influenced a purchase decision. So...

By Kelly Maguire
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