Identify customers and
convert from URL to IRL.

Make an Impression

Right-place, right-time messaging means when customers encounter your brand means they’ll notice and purchase more often.

Tell Your Story

Media is a tool that fuses the medium with your message. What you say at each touchpoint adds to the story you’re always telling.

Creative Thinking

We seek to immerse other human beings in your brand, and we pride ourselves on finding unique ways to create that connection.

Show Availability

Beyond showing people where and how to purchase, we help them complete the journey as intuitively and simply as possible.

How We Win

Leverage tactics proven
to drive in-store traffic.

Store Locator

A fundamental component of any CPG effort is a dedicated, easy-to-access store locator that simplifies the product-sourcing process. We’ll help you optimize readiness to extend beyond your base platform.

Store Locator Image

Shopper Profiles

Understanding the buyer is the invaluable in discovering how to impact their shopping decisions and influencing their purchase. We’ll provide access to data and insights that’ll help target those audiences effectively.

Shopper Profile Image

Branded Content

The second best thing to experiencing a product first-hand is learning from the excitement of someone else’s experience. We use branded content, along with a suite of other tools, to make that happen.

Branded Content Image

Lift Studies

With limited attribution, one of the most effective ways we evaluate success is through targeted brand surveys. They reveal data on everything from brand sentiment to intent to in-store foot traffic.

Lift Studies Image
What our partners are saying

Partnering with Vuja De provides a consistent and long-tenured team of owner/leadership, channel experts and a culture of proactive thought and engagement. It is a treat for my phone to ring on a Friday afternoon and hear an agency co-founder begin speaking with "So I’ve been thinking about your business, and..."

Chad T.
Sr Director, Growth Marketing, CooperSurgical

“Id like to congratulate this team for having the lowest CPA in Exer history!”

Liz A.
Chief Brand Officer, Exer Urgent Care

“Willingness to go above and beyond to support marketing efforts and go outside of the items you normally do - I really appreciated this.”

Sebhia D.
Global Marketing, Interactive Brokers
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