Project Overview

  • Capabilities
  • Business Assessment
  • Performance Readiness
  • Media Design
  • Technology Consulting
  • Marketing & Data Audit
  • Attribution Assessment
  • Media Reporting
  • Measurement Studies
  • Data & Analytics Design
  • Programmatic Display
  • Connected TV


Moveworks was looking to create awareness around a new offering they were bringing to market in the B2B IT space, with the objective of creative more momentum around webinars, demo’s and general inquiries.


Create maximum exposure and awareness of Moveworks’ new offering in the B2B IT space by identifying niche audiences, strategically positioning the client in front of them through premium publishers, and using multiple ad formats to reinforce the branding. Generate momentum around webinars, demos, and general inquiries while driving measurable results such as record site traffic, lead inquiries, and ad recall lift.


The campaign leveraged both video and display tactics to help spread overall brand messaging and to get users to convert on site.


Strategic approach to reaching niche audiences and maximizing exposure through multiple ad formats.

The initial ask was to develop premium exposure to target audiences, which evolved into migrating that success into more actions driven marketing efforts.We set out to first identify the niche audiences we wanted to reach and sourced the best digital ecosystem where those audiences spent time and would likely be in a relevant mindset. After working with many premium publishers such as Forbes, Business Insider, and others, we created a media plan that positioned the client firmly in front of their most valuable audiences. We extended that reach across as many ad formats as we could including Display, Native, Mobile, and Video and produced high frequency exposure to reinforce the branding.


Measurable success through record traffic, lead inquiries, and ad recall lift, and retargeting for future campaigns.

The results were record site traffic increases, record call volume and lead inquiries through direct and organic search, and a retargeting pool of over 100K users that we built a follow up campaign to drive call to action ads to generate more demo requests. We also saw measurable lift in Awareness and Ad Recall within several key demographic groups through a survey based lift study.

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