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California Cryobank, a pioneering entity from CooperSurgical established in 1978, is America’s most extensive cryobank, safeguarding the future of over 100,000 babies through their vast network of collection centers. Additionally, Cooper Surgical’s Donor Gamete program, renowned for its unparalleled quality and diversity, empowers individuals and families with fertility solutions, including donor egg and sperm services, advanced cryopreservation, and newborn stem cell storage.

Like other health related businesses, Cooper’s CCB Client Registration and CCB Recruit business units experienced strong growth during COVID, however, with the decline of COVID, Cooper experienced significant business contraction which required a change in strategy. During the process of strategic readjustment, Cooper determined their existing agency only offered a vendor like approach to media buying rather than a consultative approach. Consequently, Cooper sought a partner who could provide a collaborative approach deeply ingrained in their operations, media investment, channel strategy, and a co- investment in data and analytics.


Our mission was two-pronged: reverse the declining momentum and establish a close-knit relationship that would allow us to respond to any and all emerging opportunities promptly. We aimed to shift beyond the conventional media buying approach and stay on the pulse of their business, enabling us to recognize, react, and capitalize on market developments quickly.


Through a robust alignment with Cooper’s team and an agile approach to market dynamics, we transformed challenges into opportunities, spurring growth beyond expectations and capitalizing on key cultural moments resulting in immediate and long term success.


Revitalizing momentum and harnessing opportunities

Our mission was two-pronged: reverse Cooper’s declining momentum and to establish a close-knit, agile partnership that would allow us to respond to emerging opportunities promptly.

We aimed to shift beyond conventional media buying and stay on the pulse of their business as well as cultural moments, which would enable us to recognize, react, and capitalize on market developments quickly.

The campaign was designed to drive registrations for the Coopers CCB Client and Recruit business.

The campaign employed a variety of strategies to reach its target audience, including expanded targeting and audiences, retargeting efforts, and ad copy testing.


A strategic mission to drive registrations and nurture relationships, resulting in significant achievement

Through our alignment with Cooper’s operations and quick response to market dynamics, we experienced significant growth, exceeding initial expectations. As we  trended positively, we encountered cultural tailwinds that we capitalized on organically resulting in large spike events in Cooper’s business.

Despite challenges and category shrinkage, our close partnership  with Cooper allowed us to turnaround their downward momentum and produce measurable wins.

Additionally, we continue to provide valuable input into their creative processes, data analytics, partnerships, and tool utilization. Our consultative approach extends beyond performance media buying and analytics, allowing us to contribute to overall business betterment and impact.

In addition to delivering improved metrics and business growth, our partnership and deep involvement in their operations has resulted in a more comprehensive, diversified approach to their business challenges and growth opportunities in this ever changing market.

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