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Noggin launched an updated version of their subscription app featuring more interactive content and integrated educational games and eBooks into their library. The challenge being streaming wars and fierce competition in an overly crowded video ecosystem.


To expertly navigate the crowded video ecosystem, we crafted and executed a two-fold strategy for Noggin, centered on engaging creative messaging and programmatic connected TV advertising. Our mission was to leverage the brand’s unique offerings, targeting millennial moms with an enticing free trial, ultimately driving impressive results in user engagement, conversions, and ROI.


Double exposure = future growth


Impressive CTV impact: surpassing expectations with millions of impressions and demonstrating the power of increased frequency

The CTV campaign launched in Q1 2020 and delivered 3.8+ million impressions—more than 1 million impressions beyond the media plan estimate. The campaign reach was 1.6 million unique visits at an average frequency of just over two, showing a small overall footprint with significant room for future growth. The second impression response rates were even higher, revealing the positive impact that increased frequency could have on an extended campaign execution. The findings revealed that 51% of attributed app installs occurred from users who were exposed to more than one impression.

Campaign Volume

* The largest spikes ever for the brand and the highest volume period correlated with our CTV campaign.


Created and executed a two-fold strategy

  • Developed responsive video creative messaging for
  • Linear and Connected TV
  • Managed the brand’s programmatic connected TV advertising

The goals behind the campaign were aggressive: a CPM of $51 and an impressions target of 2.8 million. We focused on a unique point of difference to drive engagement—zero ads combined with a skill-based learning platform from a trusted and beloved nostalgic brand. We then created an enticing offer for our primary audience, millennial moms—a free 60-day trial.

“Factoring in a 30-day halo effect period, the campaign delivered a sub <$4 CPI, sub <$20 CPA and a conversion rate of 20% more than 40% better than other channel averages.”

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