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Exer Urgent Care is a leading provider of urgent care services with 30+ locations across Southern California; services include: Walk-in appointments, same-day care, on-site lab and x-ray, prescriptions, referrals to specialists, COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and a significant surge in patient traffic, Exer Urgent Care was faced with the challenge of adapting its marketing strategy to ensure business growth and sustainability.The task was complex due to the diverse needs of their audience, encompassing factors such as varying insurance providers, waiting times, and clinic operational hours.

An additional challenge was the nature of their service – urgent care, which is typically not sought after unless there’s an immediate need.


Our mission centered on enhancing visibility and driving new patient acquisition for Exer Urgent Care, while also helping them navigate the post-pandemic business landscape. The goal was to position Exer as a top choice, or at least a considerable option, when prospective patients required urgent care services.


Our strategy for Exer Urgent Care entailed implementing high-impact tactics designed to maximize visibility. We targeted potential patients within a reasonable distance from a clinic location, taking into account the brand’s competitive positioning and using micro signals for effectiveness measurement. Our diverse methods encouraged brand interaction through various platforms, like website visits, location finding, virtual care appointments, and newsletter subscriptions.


Driving patient acquisition and business growth in post-pandemic healthcare

Our mission was to increase visibility and drive new patient acquisition while also fostering an understanding of how to advance their business post-pandemic. We aimed to ensure that when a customer was in need, our client was either their go-to choice or at least part of their consideration set.

Due to the nature of the service, we recognized that we wouldn’t be the final driver of action always. Hence, it was crucial to intelligently select proxy metrics and indicators of success. Our strategy needed to revolve around understanding the client’s data, audience behaviors, brand positioning, and marketing investments’ outcomes.


Strategically positioning Exer Urgent Care for success through high-impact tactics, advanced metrics integration, and profound understanding of customer journeys

When it came to tactics, we aimed for high impact, high visibility exposure, targeting individuals within a reasonable distance from a clinic location. By understanding the brand’s position amongst its competitors, we tailored our strategy at a macro level and used micro signals to gauge effectiveness. Through various methods, we drove people to interact with the brand, whether by visiting the website, finding a location, signing up for virtual care appointments, or subscribing to the newsletter.

One of our biggest wins was integrating offline metrics with our approach. We used mixed media modeling to tie back investments to revenue from an offline patient perspective and calculate the lifetime value of that patient.

Our collaboration with Keens helped significantly in this aspect. The models created through this partnership showed that our marketing strategies drove incremental revenue at a significant rate.

According to the Keens model, our efforts returned an approximate 4-8x return on lifetime value, providing invaluable insights and success metrics for our client.

Despite the initial challenge of working with a sophisticated client with a complex user journey, we managed to craft a successful strategy that drove tangible, impactful results for the client, thereby contributing significantly to their growth in a difficult business climate.

Our year-end efforts culminated in notable successes for Exer Urgent Care, with the campaign generating more than 10,000 new patient acquisitions and boosting online engagement by 23%. Utilizing custom dashboards, we effectively identified high-performing campaign areas, which facilitated the optimization of ad spend and overall campaign enhancement.

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