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July 23, 2022

It’s About More Than Just the Money

When we started our agency, we knew that we were going to be going against the grain. Traditional pricing models for advertising, media buying, and marketing support had been around since the beginning of media buying. But we saw the relationship bet

By Todd Juneau

When we started our agency, we knew that we were going to be going against the grain. Traditional pricing models for advertising, media buying, and marketing support had been around since the beginning of media buying. But we saw the relationship between brands and their agency differently.

Several factors went into our agency design and how we engaged with brands to support their growth and success in the market. We inherently believe that you will get the best performance and engagement from your agency when they have more ‘skin in the game’ than simply their fee or retainer. We are so confident in our expertise and abilities, as a matter of fact, that we believe in putting our compensation on the line.

Most agency financial models aren’t set up to be able to make this claim. We basically say, if we don’t hit your numbers – we don’t get paid. We are completely vested in your success because it’s directly tied to our compensation. When we blow through your numbers, there’s an incremental incentive for us financially.

‘When we hit your numbers, we all win.’

We also take an interest in understanding your business model and provide expertise and insight by analyzing your product, offers, market potential, former campaign performance, and everything that will give us clear line of sight into what will drive your success. We’re more than an agency, we become your marketing partner.

Most internal teams are running with tight resources, covering lots of ground as one person and wearing multiple hats at times. We become that extension to your internal team, with a breadth of experience you won’t have in-house. We bring cross media and omni-channel experience, channel relationships, brand experience across just about every vertical, and highly skilled senior talent.

We don’t believe in training less experienced talent with your money. Because we’re performance based, our talent needs to reflect this level of experience. We only hire highly seasoned talent with successful track records in performance marketing.

We understand that your compensation at your company, your potential to be considered for promotion, and ultimately your livelihood; is predicated on how well we do and can make your job easier. Our whole focus is on setting you up for success. The better you do, the better it is for us as well.

It’s about measuring metrics that matter

We believe it’s important to measure and look at metrics that matter. Vanity metrics are often used when you’re not tied to performance-based compensation. It’s easy to manipulate numbers and make things look good from impressions, clicks, click-through, or engagement rate perspective. The real metric and question to answer is, did you sell more? Did you drive revenue or incremental revenue? Did you grow your customer base?

The devil’s in the details as the saying goes. Detailed analysis of campaign metrics, audience segmentation, ongoing optimizations and fine-tuned targeting, are all important to achieving success. Accurate tagging can make or break your investment accuracy and performance. We see some level of campaign tagging inaccuracy with every audit we complete for a prospective client. This happens for many reasons ranging from inexperience, human error, to carelessness. The reality is, if a campaign is tracking incorrectly, you’ll spend your budget and not get the return you need to be successful.

We believe in empowering smart humans

We still believe humans can make smarter decisions than machines. While automated media buying has become the norm, we don’t adhere to the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. Simply relying on computers to recommend what to do with your campaigns, is short sighted. While programmatic for example, is less labor intensive, it still requires sophisticated human engagement to maximize the outcome.

In the end, simply going with the lowest pricing, doesn’t usually lead to your best outcome. If you’re choosing between low-price or performance, you’d be wise to choose performance pricing. You’re at least assured that you won’t waste money simply paying for more hands on your brand. You want engaged and mentally invested talent, and real interest in you succeeding. You’re going to be paying someone – you may as well give yourself every chance to hit and exceed your numbers.

Give yourself every chance to hit and exceed your numbers

While we do make comparisons to other pricing models in this article, it is necessary to expose the difference between simply picking a group of people to plan and place your media buys; compared to what you experience with performance-based marketing, media planning and buying support.

We would love to show you what we’re talking about. For an audit of your current campaigns or marketing program, please get in touch. We guarantee that we’ll identify gaps, inaccuracies, and missed opportunities that you may not have known otherwise. We’re happy to support your efforts to succeed in the market. Please get in touch.

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