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The brand witnessed record growth and expansion during our engagement, doubling budgets YoY and generating record traffic and leads for two consecutive years. As a result, the client achieved more than 40% YoY growth overall and more than doubled their budgets for both Linear and Connected TV efforts to accelerate growth even further.


Our mission is to revolutionize LeafFilter’s marketing strategy by expanding their digital reach and implementing a full-spectrum TV plan, encompassing both linear and Connected TV components. We aim to optimize their budget allocations, improve cost-effectiveness, and enhance customer acquisition efforts through sophisticated attribution and data analysis. By uncovering valuable audience insights, we seek to drive continuous growth and innovation across all marketing channels, propelling LeafFilter to new heights.


Enhanced reach and audience insights.


Embracing connected TV: expanding reach and enhancing attribution through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions

We partnered with a well-established Direct Response TV agency to build a full spectrum TV plan that included a robust and sophisticated Connected TV component capable of mirroring and extending the linear TV execution as well as developing testing and exploration beyond what linear TV could offer. In order to establish the direct value of the CTV component, we worked diligently to develop the attribution setup to see what exposure to the campaign resulted in direct high value form fill leads.


Harnessing connected TV’s cost-effective impact, extended reach, and valuable insights to drive digital innovation and cross-channel success

The outcome of this setup was the Connected TV delivered a CPA one quarter the cost of the larger linear TV buy while displaying enhanced attribution signals against the same quantitive measurement applied to the linear TV buy. This showed that CTV not only could deliver an extremely cost effective impact on customer acquisition, but that it was able to reach new users unavailable through other means.

The measured performance was strong, but the implemented structure offered ancillary benefits as well. With the enhanced reach and data pool yielded from the CTV execution, we were able to extract audience data and profiles that were developed into digital testing protocols not previously considered. These audience insights and corresponding test which were delivered to the clients internal digital teams, yielded some of the strongest digital results for the year, prompting additional experimentation across all channels.

Strong exposure across providers and networks

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