Project Overview

  • Capabilities
  • Business Assessment
  • Performance Readiness
  • Media Design
  • Technology Consulting
  • Marketing & Data Audit
  • Attribution Assessment
  • Media Reporting
  • Measurement Studies
  • Data & Analytics Design
  • Programmatic Display
  • Connected TV
  • Amazon
  • Paid Search


A nationally recognized home cleaning franchisor felt like a small fish in a big pond with their large digital agency who turned their campaign on autopilot.

Our evaluation of past digital efforts culminated in new audience testing and budget allocations.


Our mission was to conduct a full audit of Stanley Steamer’s historical digital efforts, uncovering outdated strategies and implementing a new approach to match the evolving digital landscape. We worked with the client to challenge their audience and brand assumptions, resulting in new audience testing and budget allocations, as well as deeper measurement capabilities and dynamic creative development. Our goal was to achieve true sales lift to the bottom line while increasing leads.


Cleaner data and targeted messaging. The brand saw 40% true sales bottom line growth during our engagement, reversing a shrinking trend from the prior 3 years.


Cleaning up the campaigns

We engaged with Stanley Steamer to conduct a full audit of the historical digital efforts, uncovering many antiquated strategies and a lack of innovation in a rapidly evolving space. We also uncovered “cookie bombing” techniques tailored to take credit for conversions that the media was not actually influencing, inflating the performance reports significantly.


Generating stronger market traction

The result of this audit was a full movement of digital efforts where we developed a whole new approach to match the new digital landscape and take advantage of new opportunities. The hands-on approach we took to understanding the business lead to challenging the client’s historical audience and brand assumptions which ultimately lead to new audience testing and budget allocations to different brand focus in the creative. We worked with the client to insert deeper measurement capabilities leading to cleaner data and we worked on dynamic creative development to tie messaging to audience and product line better. All this culminated in true sales lift to the bottom line of over 40% from leads lift of over 23%.

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