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It was called the greatest comeback in the history of sports. In 2019, Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament, thanks to Centinel Spine — a leading medical implant device company. Centinel Spine now needed to successfully leverage their high-profile endorsement partnership with Tiger Woods to drive new customer acquisition.


To capitalize on the remarkable comeback story of Tiger Woods and his partnership with Centinel Spine, we focused on crafting a powerful and inspiring multi-channel campaign that showcases the impact of Centinel Spine’s innovative medical implant solutions, drives new customer acquisition, and solidifies the brand’s reputation as a leader in the medical device industry.


Our main objectives for this campaign were to leverage the inspiring story of Tiger Woods’ comeback, increase brand exposure for Centinel Spine, and drive new customer acquisition.


Mastering the Comeback

Our team collaborated with Centinel Spine to develop a comprehensive “Comeback/Come to Centinel Spine” digital plan. Utilizing display, search and social advertising to deliver high impact brand messaging around their celebrity relationship, users were driven from top of funnel awareness through bottom of funnel conversion.

The brand messaging fully leveraged the celebrity support through audience tagging and engagement to convert awareness into action. The high consideration and the long latency of the product required developing sophisticated targeting strategies to avoid wasted spend against curious celebrity followers with no intention of responding. By establishing spend against audiences that needed the product and skillfully crafting the celebrity messaging, we were able to achieve sub-$20 CPA’s and conversion rates exceeding 15%.

Funnel Approach


Driving impact and conversions

We worked with Centinel Spine to develop a broad spectrum digital execution plan that spanned Display, Search and Social to deliver high impact messaging around their celebrity connection that drove users from the top of funnel awareness through bottom of the funnel conversion. This effort saw consideration across the value of the brand message to leverage the celebrity through audience tagging and engagement to convert that awareness into action. This high consideration, long latency nature of the product meant that we had to develop sophisticated targeting strategies to avoid wasted spend against celebrity looky-loos.

This effort saw us consulting with the champion golfer’s social team to maximize the endorsement and craft deeper execution plans beyond what their team knew possible on the platforms, as well as getting doctor feedback that 1 in 3 new patients were referencing the digital campaign as the source of their interest.

Over 18,000 high value form fills

For a major medical procedure.

Over 2,000,000 targeted impressions

To geofenced major medical conference events, generating extreme exposure to hard to reach niche audiences.

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