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Cord Blood Registry (CBR) is a leading healthcare solution helping to grow and protect families through reproductive, newborn stem cell, genetic screening, and healthcare technology services.

CBR had experienced remarkable growth during the COVID pandemic, but then confronted a period of month-on-month shrinkage. Concurrently, they were lacking consultative expertise from their previous agency, which was impeding their business growth. Cooper needed more than just a media buying experience; they required always-on senior leadership, in-depth business consultation, collaboration with client-side and agency analytics teams, and data utilization and expertise.

As our partnership expanded, we expanded our campaign scope and leveraged Chrissy Teigen, a high-profile celebrity, to drive targeted audience expansion concentrated on maximizing public relations opportunities, generating organic content, and ultimately driving marketing success.


The mission was a multifaceted strategy to handle CBR’s business contraction, with objectives to expand their strategy, enhance competitiveness, safeguard the brand, and promote growth in brand and category searches while the industry overall suffered a downturn. The approach emphasized redefining the traditional media buying experience by transitioning from a strictly media buying approach to a performance and consultative one, offering comprehensive guidance in analytics, data, and business intelligence. Additionally, by leveraging Chrissy Teigen’s influence, our primary goal was to stimulate upper and middle funnel activity, driving potential customers towards the conversion point at the bottom of the funnel.


By offering a consultative partnership that involved participation in their operations, providing advice on creatives and analytics, and offering data-driven insights, thereby enhancing their overall business operations and improving our media outcomes, illustrating that our success extended beyond improved metrics to becoming a vital part of their business journey amidst challenges.


Revitalizing CBR amid industry downturn

Our mission was a complex and strategic initiative to manage CBR’s business contraction—a notable challenge given the overall downturn in their industry. We aimed to broaden CBR’s focused strategy, improve its competitive position, protect the brand, and encourage growth in brand and category searches.

One essential aspect of our approach involved redefining the standard media buying experience. We shifted our emphasis from solely delivering performance to providing a more consultative approach. Our role expanded to offer thorough guidance in areas like analytics, data, and business intelligence.

To implement our strategy and increase CBR digital visibility, our team employed a variety of tools and channels, including Paid Social and Programmatic activations. These efforts were supported by integrated customer lifecycle data from Marketo CRM, ensuring a data-driven approach.

The execution was characterized by two primary objectives. First, we aimed to increase customer reach, engagement, and conversions through the strategic use of different ad channels.

At the same time, we aimed to optimize the enrollment funnel. This optimization was achieved through a mix of effective creatives, keyword optimization, audience segmentation, and advanced retargeting strategies, which resulted in increased customer enrollments.

By leveraging Chrissy Teigen’s influence, our primary goal was to stimulate upper and middle funnel activity, driving potential customers towards the conversion point at the bottom of the funnel. To support this initiative, the client agreed to increase their marketing budget by approximately 30-40%. Our strategy involved expanding the audience reach beyond the client’s core demographic, aiming to foster more activity in previously less active markets and audience types, thereby broadening the brand’s footprint and diversifying the clientele base.


A strategic transition from vanity media metrics to business and revenue performance

Amidst adverse market conditions, our strategic shift to optimizing paid channels drove brand growth and offset losses in organic channels. We successfully expanded our relationship with the client, integrating ourselves into their business operations. We provided the much-needed consultative partnership, participating in their calls, advising on creative and analytics, and offering insights into their data, tools, and partner choices. We effectively contributed to enhancing their overall business operations, which ultimately improved their media outcomes. This expanded engagement illustrated that our victories with CBR weren’t merely confined to delivering improved metrics on paper but extended to becoming an integral part of their business, guiding them towards success even amidst challenging circumstances.

Additionally, Chrissy Teigen proved to be a resounding success, complementing our overall strategy for CBR. It resulted in a two-fold increase in overall website traffic and a five-fold return in middle funnel “hand-raisers” (potential customers showing significant interest). By effectively expanding the audience and targeting previously less active markets, we successfully diversified the customer base. Moreover, the path to purchase journey improved by approximately 20%, indicating a more efficient customer conversion process. The increased brand awareness and engagement generated by the campaign played a crucial role in achieving these substantial results.

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